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Marty Nothstein might be the most successful and talented cyclist that you've never heard of. Nothstein was the last American to win an Olympic gold medal in track cycling, and his new memoir, The Price of Gold, is an inspiring and eye-opening look at what it takes to ascend to the top of the podium.

Track cycling is a high-speed world that's one part chess match, one part demolition derby — a place where the racing and rumbling often tops 45 miles per hour and racing brings a mix of aggression, speed, and showmanship. The Price of Gold is not just about triumph. It is about all of the little failures and disappointments and hardships that can stretch on for years before triumph is achieved. It is about the science of training, the psychology of competing, and the friendships that must be made and lost to reach the highest level.

In this deeply revealing memoir, Nothstein details exactly how much an athlete has to give up to reach his full potential. It may not always be pretty, but it's always pretty amazing.
  You'll want to read this book if you've ever wondered:
    What it's like to lose Olympic gold — and then win it  
    What the training regimen of a track sprinter is like  
    What it feels like to cross a finish line at 47 miles per hour ... and what it feels like to crash onto concrete at that speed, too

  The Price of Gold is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that unfolds as quickly as an Olympic bike race. Order Now!  
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