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Ultimate Fat Burn!, developed by the fitness experts at Women's Health magazine, is the ultimate in calorie-blasting, fat-banishing, metabolism-boosting workouts! Combining fun athletic drills, strength training, and high-impact cardio, this super-effective program gives you the leaner, tighter, slimmer body you want. With the help of celebrity trainer Amy Dixon, you'll target and tone all muscle groups and even crank up your resting metabolism, so you'll keep burning fat long after you've hit the showers.

Don't you wish there was a way to hit the "fast-forward" button on your weight loss program? Well, now there is: Ultimate Fat Burn! This high-energy total-body workout is designed to burn massive amounts of calories in just a short period of time.

Toned shoulders, tight abs, a firm butt, sleek thighs, slim hips, and sexy arms can all be yours in just minutes a day - with Ultimate Fat Burn! Featuring a dynamic mix of engaging drills, targeted strength training, and fast-paced cardio, this ultra-hot program has everything you need to break through your weight loss barriers, turbo-charge your fat-burning engine, and keep your metabolism revving for hours after your workout

Ultimate Fat Burn! also includes BONUS SEGMENTS showcasing expert advice and insider tips from some of today's hottest training pros. YES! I want to get myself in shape with the help of Women's Health DVDs! Please rush me Ultimate Fat Burn!. I will be billed $14.98, plus shipping and handling.

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